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How to get a quality logo designed for cheap

So, we all need a logo for our site, in order to make it look professional and to give our sites some kind of branding and recognition. The question a lot of people have is – how can I get a logo designed when I’m not a graphic designer? You have 2 options, either learn how to use Photoshop  or get it outsourced. Now, if you want to learn how to use Photoshop  there are hundreds of amazing YouTube videos that will teach you how to make your own logo.

Also, I’m sure if you search around you can get the Photoshop source files, that you can edit with your own brand name. When it comes to outsourcing, a lot of people and businesses pay around $500 for 1 single logo, which can be difficult for an ordinary person to afford. So, what are the inexpensive alternatives?

Get your logo outsourced at Fiverr, if you’ve never heard of that website – What Is Fiverr, it’s simply a site where people offer their services for $5, one of them being logo design. I have seen some amazing logo designs on Fiverr, although I don’t really use them that often, for logo designs, I still highly recommend them. However, you have to search around for people that are offering a good service, and make sure that it has plenty of good reviews and samples so you know what you’re getting.


So, what is fiverr exactly?

So, what is Fiverr exactly?


Fiverr is simply a site where people offer to do things for $5.  People can offer any kind of service for $5 per gig.  People offer to give people traffic, logo design, video creation etc. For any internet marketer Fiverr comes in handy all the time. You can get all kinds of things done that would usually cost a lot more for just 5 bucks. It is also a good money making opportunity too. People with no experience in making money online can simply sign up to fiverr and offer to write articles or create testimonials or something along these lines and make a pretty good profit.

Although keep in mind that Fiverr charges $1 per gig sold, and Paypal charges $0.08 so when you sell a gig you get $3.92 profit.
It can still be pretty good, depending on how much work you are doing for your gig and it also depends on how much work is required for you to complete the gig.



Making Quick Cash From Fiverr

If you are ever desperate for cash, you can use Fiverr to get some money pretty quickly, although it may take some time to send the money from your Paypal to your bank account. What you have to do is, simply offer to write articles for people.

Create a gig like this – “I will write a 500 word article for $5”. I have personally done this several times and I have gotten several orders within the first day. Article writing services are always in demand. Although, writing articles can take pretty long to write, they are good when you’re in need of some quick cash.

However, remember that you don’t earn very much per gig so, if you’re trying to do this as a long term strategy, I suggest you do something that doesn’t require too much effort or time, since at the end of the day you only make $3.92 per gig.

I personally suggest using Fiverr as a more short term income, as it isn’t very reliable, and your income greatly depends on your feedback.

But, if you need quick cash why not just make a few article gigs to generate some quick revenue.


So, What Is Fiverr Exactly?